PayPal problems :-(
Unfortunately, there are probably once again problems with PayPal !!!
Sometimes it goes, sometimes it does not go for no apparent reason !?!
Everyone, with which it does not start, please report to me by eMail or WhatsApp +4915175069302 !
If available with error message / screenshot ! Thanks

Welcome to THTerra !!! Thank you for being here :-)

We will be on holiday from 1 September to 20 September 2021 !!!!
You can place orders during this time, but they will only be processed from 21 September !!!!

Your online shop where you can buy rearing tins, BraPlast, tins with gauze, HeatPack, clear tins, terraristic accessories, tweezers for tarantulas, invertebrates, reptiles, snakes !

Greetings Torsten THTerra